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orbex small logo Fraud Warning

Escoin takes information about and suspicion of fraudulent activity seriously. Occasionally we find that companies are using our name or similar names without our permission. This creates confusion and spreads false information about Escoin and its services.
Trading involves a high level of risk
Fraud Warning

We have developed this fraud alert in order to

Inform the general public about fraudulent companies;
Please report misleading and false information that may be related to Escoin;
Expose cloning companies that are acting in bad faith.


Please inform us if you suspect fraudulent activity or if you have been approached to misuse our brand, name or logo: [email protected]

Clone Companies

If you suspect that you are dealing with a clone company using our brand, name or logo, we recommend that you do not disclose any personal information and notify us immediately at [email protected].


We do our best to actively identify all clone companies, but we must point out that some of them may not be identified by us for a while. Customers should always make sure that the companies they interact with online are reputable before sharing personal information or transacting business.


Our name and identity have been used fraudulently in some cases that we are aware of and have no control over. As much as we sympathise with those who have lost money in this way, Escoin cannot accept responsibility for fraudulent payment requests made on our behalf.

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Trading involves a high level of risk